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Charlotte Ritchie stars in season 2 of 'Feel Good'

'The Pact' starring Gabrielle Creevy

Andrew Horton in Netflix's 'Jupiter's Legacy''

Sharon Duncan-Brewster in 'Intergalactic'

'Shadow and Bone' starring Ben Barnes

Martin Freeman stars in season 2 of 'Breeders'

Hannah Daniel, Aneirin Hughes & Alex Harries in 'Keeping Faith'

Gregory Piper joins 'Line Of Duty'

'Frozen' with Craig Gallivan, Jak Skelly and Emily Lane

'Innocent' Season 2 with Laura Rollins

Vincent Londez in Netflix's 'Lupin'

Victoria Hamilton-Barritt in 'Cinderella'

Nikola Djuricko joins 'Stranger Things' for Season 4